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Amazing podcast

Great stuff

Highly recommend!

Tech Leader Talk is one of my favorite podcasts! The conversations are engaging, insightful, and actionable. I truly learn something every time I listen!

Excellent Podcast

Enjoy listening to the interviews hearing from tech leaders about how they grow and what they are experiencing 👍

Solid Interviews

Steve conducts solid interviews. He asks great questions while allowing his guests to shine. It is obvious that he knows his stuff.

Solid information from a trusted source

Thanks for the help you give.

Great Information

Steve is part of an online community I am involved with. He is always willing to help people with questions they have about intellectual property, especially when it comes to growing a business. RB Williams Author

This podcast is great!

Steve Sponseller knows what he's talking about, and I love the way he's sharing his knowledge and that of his guests with us. Thank you, Steve!

Clear, professional, and easy to process

So great to hear real stories that help us understand more about where tech leaders are coming from - gaining different perspectives helps not only to better understand the wya people tick, but gives further affirmation that every story starts with a person passionate to learn and grow, and, with delight-led learning, the journey can take you down some incredible discoveries.

Always informative.

Steve does a great job of pulling useful information from his guests.

Creative ideas galore!

Steve approaches technology from both creative and technical perspectives. With one interesting guest after another he’ll introduce you to new people, new ideas and new paradigms. Enjoy!

We need to hear this

Tech seems like it can be daunting, but Steve’s guests help us to see and understand the layers so that we can appreciate all the possibilities.

Get Your Tech Fix!

Steve brings not only his own wealth of experience but a host of amazing guests to this podcast. They discuss the latest in technology and how it affects us and how we relate to the world around us. Steve works on the cutting edge of new ideas and creations and the podcast is a great resource for those leading the way in the tech industry... or even those who just want to learn and grow in this area. Keep it up Steve!

Steve is the tech leader everyone needs

Steve is not only an expert in tech and intellectual property, he's also a visionary thinker who can help you be more aware of issues facing tech leaders today. This is a must-listen if you're in the tech space ... and since these days we're all involved in tech, I recommend it for everyone.

Great overview of tech issues

Steve brings a wealth of experience to this podcast. He's been my go-to-guy for several years for IP protection. This podcast is the one source for staying on top of creating and protecting our businesses.